CSIS plays an active role in the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) including serving as national secretariat for the Indonesian National Committee for PECC (INCPEC). PECC was established to promote regional economic cooperation in the Asia Pacific. Its activities have led to the creation of the inter-governmental process, APEC, or Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, beginning in 1989. PECC is now regarded as the non-government parallel or Second Track for APEC. CSIS is part of the APEC Study Centers Consortium, and hosts an APEC Study Group. PECCs international secretariat is located in Singapore.

The Indonesian National Committee

INCPEC (Indonesian National Committee of Pacific Economic Cooperation Council) is the principal non-government vehicle for managing Indonesias economic relationship with the Asia-Pacific region. INCPEC organizes seminars and lectures in Indonesia to educate the public on Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, and especially the APEC process and the multilateral trading system. The CSIS library has a comprehensive selection of APEC publications, WTO publications and books on international trade.

More about INCPEC

INCPEC was official formed in October 1989 with 89 members. However, Indonesia has been active in PECC activities since its inception in 1981. Its current chairman is Mr Jusuf Wanandi, member of the CSIS Board of Trustees. The objectives of INCPEC is not only to fulfill the functions of PECC but to increase awareness within Indonesiaof the economic opportunities and development in the Asia Pacific and to represent Indonesias interests in the region within international forums. INCPEC members participate in PECCs various study groups, task forces and forums. These activities have created various networks, especially amongst research institutes in East Asia, Australasia, North America, and Latin America.