Lina Alexandra

Position : Head, Department of International Relations
Organization : Centre for Strategic and International Studies

Lina Alexandra is a senior researcher at the Department of International Relations, Centre of Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Jakarta. Alexandra has joined CSIS since September 2002. Her research focuses on international peacekeeping and peacebuilding, human rights, human security, and conflict resolutions.

She has held position as Visiting Research Fellow with the Asia-Pacific Centre for Responsibility to Protect (APR2P), University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia and has particularly helped the Centre to run its Indonesian Program.   

She earned her Masters in International Studies (MIS) in Peace and Conflict Resolution and Doctoral degree from the School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland, Australia. She holds her BA in political science from University of Indonesia.

Research Interest: Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Human Security, Peacekeeping, Indonesian Foreign Policy, International Security. Regional Concentration: Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific.


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