At a macroeconomic level, the research investigates the inter-linkages between adjustment and stabilization on the one hand and environmental policies on the other. At the sectoral level, the study analyses the changing institutional and regulatory context within which environmental management in the forestry sector occurs. At the field level, the study includes field surveys to assess the impact of the crisis on land-clearing decisions of small farmers and commercial concession holders.

Research was supported by the MacArthur Foundation (Grant #9855536), and was done in collaboration with the Centre for International Forestry Research(CIFOR).

Working Paper Series on The Impact Of the Economic Crisis On The Forestry Sector In Indonesia:

WPE 074 - Indonesia in crisis: A macroeconomic perspective

WPE 075 - Competitiveness and efficiency of the forest product industry in Indonesia

WPE 076 - Who should own Indonesia's forests?

WPE 077 - Policy and regulatory developments in Indonesia's forestry sector since 1967

WPE 078 - Agricultural-forestry linkages: development of timber and tree crop plantations towards sustainable natural forests

WPE 079 - Economic crisis and trade liberalization: A CGE analysis on the forestry sector

WPE 080 - Decentralization and the forestry sector: Opportunities and challenges

WPE 081 - Economic adjustment and the forestry sector: Does removing the log export ban matter much?

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