Empowering Civil Society Group to Promote Participatory Governance

08 Oct 2018 - 08 Oct 2018

The main objective of the study was to understand how social accountability could be promoted to ensure and support good governance in Papua province. The study objectives were: 1) Empowering Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to promote social accountability; 2) Improving the capacity of CSO, government and local parliament to conduct social accountability; and 3) Building civic engagement between CSO, local parliament and local government in the accountability and policy making process. As part of the study, a pilot was conducted in the education sector. We construct and administered education score card along with members of CSO and local government to assess the quality of education services, focusing at the Junior High level. The questions in the questioner were tailored to understand, eg., school facilities, curriculum, teachers interaction with students and parents.  At the end, through this project a solid engagement between CSO, local government and local parliament was built to improve the quality of the education services in Papua. The study was supported by United Nations Development Fund (UNDEF).