What does the ‘Yangon Dream’ mean to us? It struck me for days thinking about this question after watching a short film titled ‘Late Summer Day’, which perfectly presented the hope, dream, (and fear) of a young couple struggling in Yangon. The 2020 film made the younger generation, including me, reflect on ourselves. Back then, we all knew that living in Yangon had meant living with a lot of struggles. Yet, we were holding onto our ‘Yangon Dream’. I see two kinds of the ‘Yangon Dream’: the dream of those who are coming to Yangon, including myself, to have a better life; and the dream of those who were born or raised in Yangon, nostalgic for the good old Yangon of the past, to have Yangon back like its old golden days – an immigrant port city, as historian writes, with plural society, where a great university and an international airport reside, and the people enjoyed a higher standard of living. After the military staged the coup, I have been thinking about this dream again. But instead, I am tempted to change the question: is the ‘Yangon Dream over?’ This article is what I cried for.