Intro: the instruction (or lack thereof)

As of April 6, 2020, here is the President instruction on COVID-19: “…I order for a large-scale social distancing policy [and] physical distancing to be enforced in stricter, more disciplined, and more effective ways…”

The press release by COVID-19 fast-response chief Doni Monardo, says: “…the concluding step taken by the President, that is in the form of a large-scale social distancing…”

A more detailed definition is on the Government Regulation (PP) num. 21/2020: a large- scale social distancing at least in the form of (a) school and business closure, (b) limiting religious activities and/or (c) limiting activities in public spaces. I would also interpret, also from the regulation, that shops and activities for health services, food, and basic necessities would remain open.