CSIS Indonesia and the Pacific Forum invite you to the Virtual Forum Series: Adapting to COVID-19: Indonesia, the United States, and the Indo-Pacific. The topic of discussion of this session is "E-Commerce and Innovation".

Indonesia is poised to become a regional hub for innovation, with the world’s fourth-largest population, more than 40% of whom are under 25. Several decacorns have risen in Indonesia, including Gojek, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, these tech companies provided a robust, interlinked digital service ecosystem facilitating the transition of traditional businesses to digital operations.

The United States remains the global leader in innovation and technology. Many companies in Silicon Valley such as Google, Tesla, and Uber rely on young talent from around the world. However, the United States is losing its status as an attractive destination for young talent due to tighter immigration restrictions.

Indonesia’s young population and rapidly growing economy offer an opportunity for the United States to expand its markets and create a new generation of Indonesian innovators. Session 8 of the Virtual Forum Series Adapting to COVID-19: Indonesia, the United States, and the Indo-Pacific will discuss cooperation between the United States and Indonesia on innovation and e-commerce.

This session will also explore the merits of creating new opportunities for Indonesian students to study in the United States and generate new ideas for technology and innovation, as well as how policies that encourage innovation can help both economies.



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