In everyday life, the modern people use various software programs, often called applications or “apps” for short, from online shopping to ride-hailing, but why privacy concerns recently raised due to the introduction of COVID-19 apps? The reason behind this is the increasing number of governments around the world endorsed and, even, in specific condition, enforced people to install COVID-19 tracking app. There are at least twenty countries/territories rolling out electronic tracking to curb the spread of Coronavirus, including Australia, China, Norway, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. The concerns toward COVID-19 apps are two-folds, in the short run, there is a concern of mass surveillance and data storage security. Whilst, in the long run, there are concerns of the misused the information collected, especially if government subcontract the creation of the app and data storage to third party without sufficient legislation in place, as regulation is often set aside to get the app in public as soon as possible to manage the impact of COVID-19.