India has been on a nation-wide lockdown since March 24 as a preventive measure against COVID19. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the measure on March 24 at 8 PM, he only gave the country about four hours to prepare. The lockdown restricts 1.3 billion people from leaving their home. While essential services continued, commercial establishments, factories, schools, offices, markets and places of worship have been closed. Most transportation services have been suspended except for the delivery of essential services. Domestic and international flights have been halted as well. On April 14, the government extended the lockdown until May 3rd. The extension allows the government to widen its testing activities (see figures below) and evaluate how every town, district and state adhere to the lockdown rules and to refocus existing efforts on hotspot areas. Some activities will be permitted after April 20 to keep the rural and agricultural economy running and help employ daily wage earners.