Arya Fernandes

Head, Department of Politics and Social Change

14 Publications

Arya Fernandes

Arya Fernandes is currently the Head of the Department of Politics and Social Change at CSIS Indonesia. He joined CSIS in August 2014. Arya has conducted national and local survey of Indonesia public opinion polls since 2009. These polls asses national and local trends that includes the mood of the electorates relating to important issues, such as: approval rating of government policies, political participation, civil society and citizen engagement in political process, as well as public perceptions of presidential candidates and political parties.

Prior to joining CSIS, Arya was Research Manager at Charta Politika Indonesia, a political research and consulting firm and a journalist at Media Indonesia newspaper. 

He obtained his bachelor degree from Political Science Department at the State Islamic University, Jakarta. He continued his master degree at the Paramadina Graduate School of Political Communication, University of Paramadina.


Research Report

Pemilih Muda, Persepsi Korupsi, dan Pemilu 2024

Arya Fernandes, Noory Okthariza and Beltsazar Krisetya

Research Report

Pemilih Muda Dalam Pemilihan Umum 2024: Dinamis, Adaptif dan Responsif

Arya Fernandes, Edbert Gani Suryahudaya and Noory Okthariza

Research Report

Rilis Survei Pemilih Muda dan Pemilu 2024: Dinamika dan Preferensi Sosial Politik Pascapandemi

Vidhyandika Djati Perkasa, Arya Fernandes, Edbert Gani Suryahudaya and Dominique Nicky Fahrizal

Policy Brief

Pencapaian dan Tantangan Otonomi Daerah: Faktor Kepemimpinan, Kelembagaan, dan Stabilitas Politik Lokal

Arya Fernandes


Implikasi Politik dan Kebijakan Pasca UU Otsus Papua Jilid II

Arya Fernandes

Research Report

CSIS Global Expert Survey 2020: Global and Regional Dynamics After COVID-19

Evan A. Laksmana, Haryo Aswicahyono, Philips J. Vermonte, Yose Rizal Damuri, Shafiah F. Muhibat, Arya Fernandes and Veronika S. Saraswati