M. Habib Abiyan Dzakwan

Researcher, Disaster Management Research Unit

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M. Habib Abiyan Dzakwan

M. Habib has been engaged with researches on disaster management since his early career at CSIS in 2018. He was a member of the CSIS Research Team for Strengthening National Disaster Preparedness led by the Executive Director Vermonte, and he also served in the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) Drafting Committee for its 2020 National Seminar and Coordination Meeting. Taking into account his background on International Relations, he once advocated the urgency of mainstreaming collaborative studies on disaster management during the 1st ASCC Consultative Meeting with Think-Tanks. Right now, M. Habib is assisting the ASEAN Secretariat in organizing the 2020 ASEAN High-Level Symposium on Disaster Management, and working with the CSIS Research Team for Public-Private Partnership on Disaster Risk Management. 


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Data for Good at Meta Report: Indonesia

M. Habib Abiyan Dzakwan and Noory Okthariza